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Making Money OnlineHello I am glad you found your way to this article. You are probably a motivated individual who has wanted to start making money online but you do not know where to actually start. I am going to breakdown the bare essentials of what you need to make money online. Please keep in mind making money online is a skill that must first be learned and then must be implemented. However, once the skills are put to work you can have a “money making site” for years to come. Lets jump right in shall we?To make money online you will need certain tools just as if you wanted to build a house. The first thing I suggest getting is what is called a domain name or URL. You may be asking yourself well what is a domain name? A domain name is simply something that will be typed in the address bar to access your website. Choosing a domain name is pretty cut and dry but there are a few rules that you should follow.When Picking A Domain Name1. Always try to use typical spelling because using spelling like krazy for crazy can be confusing and drive away potential customers for the shear fact they could not find your website.2. Try to get one as opposed,.org,.gov, and so on.3. Do not use raw numbers in place of letters such as gr8 for great, the reason for this is because this can also drive away potential viewers of your website for the reasons listed in number one.4. Keep it as short and concise as you can while still being able to pull people in.Once you have chosen a domain name now would be a good time to start thinking about what it is you want your website to be about. Maybe you have a product you would like to promote or maybe you would like to promote another company’s or individual’s product and receive what is known as commission from it. Commission is simply the amount of money you will make off of a product other than you own. Commission usually ranges anywhere from 20% to 60%. Unless you’re buying the selling rights to a product which means you can make a full commission from a product that you did not create. Sounds almost too good to be true right? Well the upside is there is plenty of money to be made but the downside is it is costly to start up. My suggestion is to find a product that will give you a commission to get started.What Now?So now you have a domain name and a product… what now? Now you need to find what is known as an HTML Editor. Do not let the name scare you because truth be told this is simply going to be similar to a program on your computer like paint or word that is simply going to allow you to create and edit your webpage! As for creating a webpage there are multiple ways of doing this. Some places offer a “ready to use page” that you can put your name on and it is ready to go online. This is completely up to you and really depends on if you are selling your own product or another person’s product. Keep in mind you can also pay somebody to create your webpage which will cost a little more than creating your own but will pay huge dividends because of the professionalism behind it.Monetizing Your WebsiteThis is what most people are interested in. How do you make money? Well now that you have a domain name, product, and webpage it’s time to talk about making money from it. I have always preferred marketing monthly billed products because that means I get a check every month. You may choose a one time fee, yet again this is completely up to you because this is your business. I am going to discuss two options of making money because they are the easiest for you and the most commonly used ones today by smaller websites. You can create a PayPal button that is linked to your bank account or you can use ClickBank which incorporates your information into the computer code that will pay you directly once they sign up for your product. Then once you have reached an amount and would like to withdraw they will actually send you check in the mail to you or your bank like a regular employer.Getting It OnlineThe final step in getting this up and running for the world to see is by simply downloading a File Transfer Protocol which in laments terms is how to get this webpage from your computer to the web. Once you have that you can upload your webpage to the web and be ready to work on traffic generating techniques (simply driving potential customers to your page).Final Thoughts Making money online is not as easy and 1, 2, 3. You can not simply click a few buttons and be a millionaire. It takes time, patience, and effort in the beginning but after the work is done you can enjoy the benefits. This article is not meant to be followed to create a website but is simply to show that once a few steps can be mastered you can create a website and make money time and time again. I hope you enjoyed this general article on how people make money online.

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You can make money online and you can start doing it today. You just need the right tools to get you started. Too many people have gone through the drama of scams and just wish they could find at least one real way to make serious money over the internet. Well it’s about time to start getting the money you want and I am here to show you the best way to make money online.When you’re looking to make money online you should most definitely make sure that the business you’re getting into is not a scam! The best way to find out if the company you are deciding to work with is a legitimate business you can simply pick up the phone and call the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Tell the BBB that you want to start an online business and you want to look up a company and see if it is a real legal business. The BBB will tell you everything you need to hear such as, how long the company has been around, what the company is ranked A-F, A being the best and F being the least best. They will tell you how many complaints that the company has ever had ever since it has been operational. After you get the approval of the Better Business Bureau, it is safe to say you can do it.Next you need to take a look at what the company does and if that is the way you want to make money online. Go to the company’s site and familiarize yourself with what they are doing to generate income. Take a look at the people who have success stories and see if they think it’s the best way to make money online. If a company has many real testimonies and success stories, it is a great sign that you are getting into a good business.After you realize that you can do what the company teaches you should for sure communicate with that business personally, either through calling the business on the phone or sending them an email. Get them to tell you what their business is all about even though you have already looked them up. Ask them why it’s the best way to make money online. Ask them if they have any free information that you can have to help you understand them better.If you follow these directions you are sure to end up finding the best way to make money online.

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Make money online – Shattering the myth of getting started Do you believe that making money online will be difficult but it can be done? Or secretly deep down inside do you think it won’t really work for you?Let me tell you clearly and plainly that making money online is something that the average Joe can do. But the only condition is adopting the correct mindset.I hope you feel better after this statement, but if you are surrounded by negative thoughts, The ‘How’? The ‘buts’? It is necessary that you stop those thoughts as soon as they start. Because whatever you think about constantly, you will create.If you’re continually focusing on how difficult your goal is, you will never achieve it. However you need to believe that it is at least possible. How many times have we heard or have we said to ourselves:I can’t do that; I’m not good enough; I’m not talented enough; I don’t have time; It’s not for me; I’m not good enough; I’m too old; I’m too young…A lot of people (about 97%) see a problem and automatically think I can’t do this and promptly give up. Therefore change the way you look at things. Just try it and here are few tips to help you out:* Write down your goals. Seeing what you want written down is very empowering! Try it! It suddenly makes everything ‘real’!* Break your goals into monthly targets and if you are starting out in this business why you don’t give it a go too?For example: Want to learn how to design a simple web page?Write it down and keep that as your goal for the month.* Stop behaving like an opportunity seeker and start behaving like a strategic thinker.Don’t become yet another one as the majority of people new to this business. Most people are sold on the idea of making money fast rather than building a real business.We’ve all seen the headlines:* $5000 a week from your own automated business* Guaranteed! Your personal blueprint to $100,000 a year* Make $1000 a day by clicking a button!* Make money 30 minutes from now!Now! Please don’t worry if you have fallen into this category. Most people do when they start in this business. I certainly did. But if you really are serious about making money online, you will have to quickly change your thinking. The web no longer works for quick cash opportunities.There are a few myths about start making money online, that circulate every now and then that I would like to share with you.*It’s impossible for the average Joe to make money onlineThis simply is not true. Sure it will take a bit of time and persistence and patience but it can be done.*I don’t know anything about computersNor did 99% people when they began. I was one of them. Do you really think that everyone making money online are technical geniuses? I can tell you of countless people who are making money online from all walks of life of all abilities and of all ages. What all these people did is took action despite their doubt.*I haven’t got the time.This is probably the most used excuse that I hear nearly every day. But let’s just think about it for a moment.What sets the more successful apart from the rest is how proactive and productive they are in this time.Don’t have the time? Work through lunch, do an hour at night to study and learn the basics. “Procrastination is the killer of time”*I don’t know where to startOkay! By far the hardest part of this business is not the actual act of making money but knowing how to start making money. The biggest myth is that it is hard to get started when it really is not. I am amazed at how many people like to over complicate this business.Simply start by learning the basics of how to create your own website. Don’t be afraid, every newcomer (myself included) at one point was put away from the idea of creating a website.But I find out that you can create a site within a few hours. And a site that takes a few hours to set up can make you money for years to come.FinallyAdopting the correct mindset will make all the difference to your success in the business of making money online. Now it’s time for you to take action with your new mindset. And you can start right now for free.